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Great trout fishing continues

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Last week we were 1 short of a limit in a fairly short period of time after not finding Coho in S Haven. Yesterday we hunted again and then set up for Lakers and it was crazy. Setting the 4th rod the first one went off and then all the others went about 5 min or so apart in a row for the first fire drill for the 2 of us. Then they were hitting the diver on the way down and the copper as the board was running out into place. Limited in no time. Today was still red hot and never set more than 4 rods (yes had one on shortly after rod 4 was set) but it was much more difficult fishing with the wind blowing us sideways. Went about 9 or 10 for 12 or so hits putting several of the big ones back (unharmed) and dropping one back accidently that survived also.  Tin cans and any spin n glow and mag blue dolphin were best but every rod would get hit sooner or later. And now yesterdays are getting smoked!



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How far out were divers; to hit bottom or 35' to bottom   dipsey on 3 100' - 200' out; 1 -3 ratio. I assume std size divers.

Doing St Joe Sunday and we've had marks in same area down there the past month 35-60FOW; marks mid way to bottom; bait fish balls in same area.  Will cruise shallows south for little while then head out 60'+ for greasers, etc and maybe early king or so.

Thanks for report.

Capt Dan - Hockey Puck on The Reel Woman





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we ran one diver skipping bottom and one we would let tick from 35' down till it touched and then do it again. blue dolphin on a 200 32# copper was hot also, as well as a rigger bouncing bottom. All took fish/hits 

Mag diver about 89' out on 1.5 or 2

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