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Quick report
Trolled south from piers to close to chalets, in n out from 28-8fow n no hits with 4 high lines on boards n two riggers.
At 11 or so swiched to lakers/steelie program, riggers with 6" dodgers n orange n green spin n glows, spoons on dipseys, CJ salmon spoon on 1oz weight n 75' copper with spoon.
Bounced rigger weights n lures on bottom for a while n SB rigger went off, two blocks north of pier heads, 60fow, 63' on rigger counter. Got 6 # laker on tin can dodger n gr spin n glo. Got laker at 1pm, 1/2 hr to spare to get bk/wh kitte out of the box.
Waves 1-3s down to 0-1s when we pulled lines at 130; set lines around 830.
Same water temp 43 in lime green water n dirty water south, 46 in river flow mud..
No clean water we could see. 60' on out as far as we could see was lime green water.
Nice day on lake.
Boat is now stored on trailer at Pier1000 for April n May.
"Hockey Puck" ON THE REEL WOMAN Agnello
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