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Best 21' Cuddy for Lake O


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Westwind, you've got the same model and year I have, but that thing is decked out! I wouldn't believe it if you told me the swim platform could support a kicker until I saw that picture. How'd you attach the cooler on the back, is it a nuisance when you're netting fish?

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2 minutes ago, pescado said:

wow...those are some nice rigs!  The Pursuits, Aquasports, and Grady White's all have a great reputation for being great quality performance fishing boats....I'm looking for something like the Sea Ray seen above ... I thought Doral once made a nice 21' kinda fishing boat?  So instead of a fishing boat doing double duty as a cruiser I guess I'm looking for a cruiser that can double duty as a solid fishing boat.....love the all the pic's keep them coming.

I'll try to dig up some pics of mine, not sure if I have any good ones now though. I am starting the season in a little Burbot over a month though, so if nothing else I'll have some pictures then.

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pascdo,  Our first 215 Sea ray was a 1995, same boat, but it was a dual duty boat.  I could take the downriggers off and store them in the cuddy (cannon manuals) and then I also had triple rod holders on both sides and some off the back,   I could take everything off in 5 minutes and often would and my way back in from fishing.  I remember one trip coming into the pier head and a kid on another boat asked how we did and her Dad told her to be quite because we were not a fishing boat.  Lots of family fun on that boat and hooked me on fishing.   Could pull skiers, tubers, and handle the big lake with ease, also would sleep overnight with my wife..

Kids are out of the house now, so now it just a fishing boat and it is maxed out, 2 fish finders, fishhawk X4d,  tR1 gold autopilot, awesome arch, cannon mag 10 hs, etc..

Divemaster the kicker motor was a challenge, but now its working great.  Too much to explain here, we will talk some time.

Steve Hofman



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On 2/26/2016 at 5:09 PM, westwind said:

I have a 1997 Sea Ray Express 215.  It's the second one I have owned and love it.  I didn't realize how good it was until I sold the first one and tried a SeaSwirl and also a Proline.   Those were both decent boats, but didn't compare to the Sea Ray.  Sea Ray makes an awesome heavy duty boat and you won't fall out of it either.  I also have a 8 HP honda kicker with the TR1 - Gold system.  I love the boat and will have it for a long time to come.






How long is the shaft on your kicker motor?  I have a 215 express and just purchased a motor bracket to go on the swim platform.  I have a 15” shaft kicker but am wondering if I need to go up to a 20” or 25” shaft.  Any help would be appreciated.

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My boat is smaller than what you are looking for but the trophy 1802 and 2002 post year 2001 are great bang for your buck! I got mine for $6500. With the money you save you can get some top of the line gear. They’re a no wood design which is what I like. IMG_1306.JPG

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I fish out of an 87 Bayliner 21 ft. It has a 4 cyl I/O. It handles the great lakes quite well. I use it mostly on Lake Erie and fish for walleyes. It does not troll slow enough on it's own. I use sea anchors to slow it down when I need to. For an older boat it works out quite well. 


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