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Flashers & Spoons?

dan agnello

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We successfully use a 8" spin doctor and spoon - usually jr or mini streak for browns and rainbows where we fish in the winter - Lake Jocassee, SC.  Much shorter leader 18-24" and usually behind a diver and not the rigger.  Usually only one in the spread when we do it.

When fishing Lake Michigan we run other things behind the flashers.

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We use them often in the summer on lake huron.  Usually a fish flash or some other spinning flasher like pro trolls spin ray or something like that.  As mentioned usually just one and usually I put it on a sliders with and good snap swivel directly to the mainline with the spoon about 4-5 ft behind.  Have had really good luck with these on steelhead.  However there are times when they can make your spread go cold so pay attention to what happens when you put that set up out.    

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