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Wire Diver Rod Storage

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I was reading an excellent article from Blood Run Tackle (http://bloodruntackle.com/pro-tips/down-to-the-wire/) where they mentioned to never break down a wire rod for storage as it can lead to kinks in the wire, and ultimately wire failures.  Looking back on last season I think I was a victim of this.  I have a 26' center console with no storage so I typically break down my rods and store them in the dock box. I had a couple of wire failures last year, and think this may have been the cause.   

I keep the boat at a marina and am not comfortable leaving the rods out in the open.  With the rods being 9' and 10' long taking them home in one piece also isn't very viable. 

As an alternative I'm considering adding a 20'+ leader to the end of the wire so that when I'm done for the day all the wire will be wound on the spool and I can break the rod down and still store it in the dock box without fear of kinking the wire.  I have a couple of questions:

1. If I add a leader to the end of the wire, what would you recommend for material?  Braid, Mono, Fluorocarbon?  I'm worried the mono or fluorocarbon might kink also when the rod is folded in half.

2. Any concerns that adding a leader will hurt the performance of the wire set-up?  Since this would all be above the diver I don't think it would make much of a difference. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated. 




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Great point Bill. Years ago, I would run a 10' pc of 40# mono at the end of my wire to help take up some of the shock when the fish hit.

I forget how I made the connection, but it was likely an Albright Knot?

If you where to use an Albright Knot, it would be a good idea to shrink wrap it.

The trouble you will run into is when that knot hits the eyelets.

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Is it possible to just take your assembled wire rods with you?  Otherwise, I'd break them down and plan on cutting out enough wire to get past the kink and retying your swivel. It's a little inconvenient but not as inconvenient, or costly, as losing your entire dipsy setup. 

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I've run about a 6ft leader of 50lb mono on my wire divers for many years. I think it absorbs some shock from the hit but the primary reason I've done this is to avoid stress at the wire to swivel connection.  I've lost rigs from breakoffs at this point and the leader has eliminated that. I was redoing my wire to swivel connection every 2-3 trips to avoid break offs. Now i just redo my leader 2-3 times a season. I dont see any reason why a longer mono leader would not solve your issue.

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If you're up to change switch your divers to slide divers. Tie a 20' piece of braid to the end of your wire using the improved Albright knot. Run your bait out to the start of the wire lock on your slide diver and your ready when it comes to storage all the wire will be on the reel. The are videos on you tube that go through the whole process.

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