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Started using this for work to keep my stuff scraped in a pile. Am now using it for To Do Lists and such at home.  Has a lot of capabilities including attaching pictures, creating checklists, synchs with multiple devices, etc.  I have Android devices...not sure about iJunk.  Its called "Evernote".  Not designed with fishing or hunting in mind, but I think it'll do.  I intend to give it a shot this year.




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I use a Panasonic Toughbook Chartplotter with Seaclear and NOAA charts. This set up has a built in program complete with automatic coordinates, date, and time. No limits to what you can write. You can start the notes quickly on the pond and finish them after the trip and edit them when ever you see fit. For example you hit a double and you quickly enter a log book entry and name it. Done deal except to add all the details you want when the fishing is done. Fishon

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I have been running this setup for over 6 yrs. I have put together and sold a few of them. Check out the link above. It works rather well and you have a big screen chartplotter for a fraction of what a Gaarmin, Bird, Lowrance or others would cost. There is a small USB GPS the size of a pocket watch, some software, DC charger, and AC charger. I have a few available. Of course the Toughbook can be used off the boat as well. It works well especially on larger boats. The USCG uses this set up on it's icebreakers. So the laptop becomes your GPS Chartplotter. The Toughbooks are as tough as their name implies. I clean them under running water. Don't try that with a regular laptop. Fishon

Here is a screen shot of a log entry. Of course this pic is a lot smaller than the actual size that would be shown on a 13.3 inch screen.


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