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200' copper on a Okuma convector 45 reel


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I have seen 225 lengths with the convector 45 reels. I would go with 32# copper and some high visibility braid. The 32# dive curve is very close to the 45# dive curve. I really don't know of any benefits of the 45# copper. You can fit more backing on reel if you use 32#. Everyone uses 45# because they believed it was deeper. The dive charts and the information we got shows that its really not true unless its a really long segment of copper.

Also, early in the season a copper 150 with a double orange crush spoon has done very well. 



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I switched to the 32# copper for exactly the reasons that Steelhead listed.  The slightly deeper depths achieved by 45 are not worth it compared to significantly more backing you can get using 32.  The 32 is easier to work with for knots too.

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