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Port sheldon fishing sunday 11/8am anyone???

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You might want to look at the wave forecast for Sunday, the smallcraft advisory will expire but the waves will recede to 2 to 3 feet and then build back to 4 to 6' in both SH to Holland and Holland North.

Be careful, and don't go out in a boat smaller than 23 to 25 foot, with auxillary power and a good VHF for emergencies. This Lake has already taken 2 lives in that region, and is just waiting to take some more. Water temps are too low for survival more than a few minutes.

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Yes i totally agree with you. Hoping the waves get down to 2' and we will go. This 25' Grady white takes 3' waves fine but not much fun. we have two VHS radios and a spot GPS tracking system so we can be tracked at all times. i wear a water proof portable vhs and spot on my side just in case i go in. i also wear the inflatable life vest.

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