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good place for wash and wax for truck

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I hope its OK to look here for info for cleaning a truck. Looking for a good place/person to put paint sealer and wax on my truck. Not a full detail just wash, seal, and wax. Truck is fairly new and in clean shape now. Maybe protect seats with something as well. Any recommendations?

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Bob, over here in the Lansing area we have quite a few "detailing" shops/guys that will do however much or little that the owner wants done. A couple of them run specials via GroupOn and Living Social discount websites. I have used one via a GroupOn and got a full detail on a car I was selling including interior cleaning and a full claybar exterior prep/cleaning and wax for $99. The car came out looking nearly new.

Here is a link to the Holland area GroupOns for Auto Detailing:


I did a quick check on the Holland Craigslist and found this ad which looks to offer any service you might want. http://holland.craigslist.org/aos/5296793581.html

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