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Port Sheldon 10/26 am

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3for4 steelhead

Finally ventured out into some calmer water to 100'fow alone about 9:30 am and was done by 11am with 3 steelhead. Three rods down caught one one each rod. Two fish high on copper and one on bottom on the rigger. All caught on spoons in 100'fow. Only one other boat out that i talked to and they had a couple fish. As i was heading out saw something being dragged into port sheldon. I later realized it was the south buoy so no more buoy info for the year. Thats going to make it tougher to check the waves out where i want to be but i still plan on fishing for a few more weeks.


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Is that a doctored moonshine or a factory spoon?

That is doctored moonshine. I added my own red hook with green flashabou. The other two fish were caught on spoons with red hook and red flashabou which were caught on the 100 and 150 copper lines. Ive been having some swings and misses so i thought this would help and so far so good. Ill post a pic of the other spoon for you.

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Your welcome! I plan on trying these again next week so we will see if it continues to work and add more pics as i get more fish on them. I'm going to experiment with sog as i was going 2.5-3.5 when i got these fish. It might be the action is slowed down I'm curious if speed gets the action they are looking for with the flashabou. We shall see.

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I was flying United out of GR on that morning about 9:00 AM heading for Salt Lake City. Bright day. Saw 2 boats on the water going north of Holland. One was probably you. Water looked calm. I wanted to be down there. Great to hear the Steelhead are still hitting on the Big Lake.

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