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Diagnose This!

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Tried mightily to download the video but no luck.

Heading back in tonight at 30 mph and all of a sudden things did not sound good and it happened quick. We shut her down and here is the scoop.

4 cylinder i/0 OMC 3.0 liter

Smelled some fumes just a bit and then she just started making all sorts of noise and we shut her down and took of the dog house.

Waited 5 mins and started her back up with a little bit of trouble.

It was noisy, really noisy like a car with no muffler.

We hobbled back in at 6 mph sputtering all the way.

The whole engine was shaking like crazy but it got better as we went.

The exhaust was definitely in the compartment - all of it. It seemed like the exhaust was escaping near the bottom of the compartment rather than out the back.

So, blown head gasket. I'm no gear head so any help would be greatly appreciated.

....................Fish Tank

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Some time ago in my previous boat with an OMC four cylinder I had a similar experience! Very upsetting. i found that the outdrive swivel pin hadn't been greased for quite some time. I had been relying upon professionals to do this when the boat was placed into storage and yes this was also my fault! But I did try to learn what should have been done. Regardless the outdrive heated up and the engine acted in much the same manner as yours did. I later found the swivel pin recessed under the water in the outdrive. Apparently OMC expected every inboard owner to take their boat out of the water after a certain number of hours halfway thru the season to regrease this pin. This was a very old system that they should have improved upon over time. Try getting parts! Wish the selling dealer had pointed this out to me! I expect they wanted to keep their service and repair area busy thru the winter. In any case OMC left Canada soon after this to try and restructure their operation in the US. My next boat was an outboard , a Honda. Hope you have better luck than I did.

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