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1 year old Okuma rods with warranty

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Used Rods all 1 year old rods

Okuma Big Lake Tournament Series 8ft Wire rods open eyes with swivel tips

Retail price 109.95 each

Used price $60 each or $115 for the pair

Okuma Big Lake Series Copper rods

(2) 9ft

(8) 8ft

Retail price $89.99

Used Price $45 each

Okuma Big Lake Series

8ft m Downriggers rods (2)

Retail Price $69.99 each

Used price $30 each

10' mh diver rods (2)

Retail Price $79.99 each

Used price $30 each

Okuma Coldwater rods

All retail for $79.99

Used price $35 each

(9) 8'6 m downrigger or planer board rods

All Coldwater rods has limited lifetime warranty and the big lake series have 4 years left of a 5 year warranty

Email me if interested and to discuss details at [email protected]

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