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Holland 10-22-15

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The older kids and I decided to venture out and fish since the lake had finally calmed down a little. It was not calm by any means but it was fishable. We had hard 4 to 5 footers out of the north crashing into us so we ran north into them and swung around and setup in 45 FOW off tunnel park and trolled south. Ended fishing for only about 50 minutes. Ran two high-lines with orange body baits. Ran 2 half core. Ran 2 full core. Ran 2 dipseys.

1 for 1

High-line orange board with jointed Rapala orange body bait.

Our biggest steelhead of the season. Jumped at least 14 times and ran out the counter to 460 feet. The thing never really tired out on us and was even jumping behind the boat as we went to net it 20 minutes after hooking up. Beautiful fish. We did not weigh it because we could tell it wasn't master angler. It wasn't but a few years ago we managed a couple 12-15 pound steelies on this same setup but this year they just weren't as big. The head on the thing was monstrous but it looked kind of starved and anorexic.

Fun time and felt good to be back out there. Wish it wouldn't have been so rough!



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