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Port Sheldon 10/7/15 am

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3for3 steelhead fished from 7:30-11:00 am

Later start with the dense fog so we took our time getting out. Once we got out past the buoy it was much clearer. Started in 140'ish and worked out to 200'ish similar to last week and caught all three in 180'-200'fow. My 100' copper took a healthy 12lb. steelhead. 150' copper and full core both took 8lb steelhead. All on spoons again. Water temp at surface was 43.5 deg and 41 at the ball so not much different. Not sure if we should be looking for warmer water at the surface if we can find it.

Does anyone know if its worth looking for and fishing temp breaks or thermoclines this late in the season?

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