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saug 10-5pm, 10-6am

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Headed out into the fog last night around 5 good trip took 4 browns and 2 kings and the biggest channel kitty ive ever seen right around 20#s, deepest fish was 44, most were around 40, dipseys were best, one with a osg spoon and one with a plug, all the browns were 4-8lbs, kings were both 2 yo fish or younger 18-20inches. Browns were puking ales

This morning, got out shortly after light, ended up with 5 kings a coho and a brown, bigger brown right around 10lbs, and had a bigger 2 yo king, around 8 or 9 lbs, the others were small. Lost one big steelie, looked back at star side and a steelie was airing it out, no boards moving no rods going, jumped 5 times then finally 30 seconds later the outside board a high line with a shad thinfin finally went ended up losing it. took a few on thin fins most on spoons color didnt seem to matter, everything on boards today though, flat lines down to 4 colors.

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Had a much slower trip last night, did see a few fish caught, just to many shaker kings in there for us, good to see some around either way, but only caught a few shakers then left before primetime because buddy was green even with it flat as a pancake, just some rollers.

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