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Sea Foam is a Gas stabilizer, and u should not run it in your crank case. BOAT+ break out another thousand. Take the boat to a qualified Marine Mechanic, you will never regret having your boat serviced properly. It is a safety issue. If you are ever stranded by a failed drive system, you will also want to be a member of BOAT US, they run TOW BOAT, AND THE COST OF A MEMBER SHIP IS LESS THAN 50 BUCKS, A TOW COSTS A MINIMUM OF $500. 1 call and you get towed to the marina. Be safe out there above all. Cutting corners is dangerous.

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I use Sea Foam all the time on my Merc 485 and its perfectly safe.

I also use it on all my cars with no issue.

It is SAFE to run in your boat, just put it in your gas tank per the instructions by the manufacture.

It is also safe to leave in the gas if you don't use it all up, it works as a stabilizer also.

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true you CAN run it in your crankcase! read the directions on the can!

I used it once in my lawn tractor to free a stuck ring from over the winter storage

But don't leave it in there, and its not going to do anything to a fuel system problem using it like this

but you CAN use it!!

I was a mechanic too for 20+ years as Gnarf

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