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Thoughts on 2007 Season


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Walleye, Perch, Browns, Steelhead, and Lakers will be abundant. Kings will be down again this year. I will make that 3 hr trip on M55 again this year to get into the big Kings off Manistee. (4 trips last yr @ least 2 days each) Have boat will travel.:grin: I miss following the Kings up the Huron coast, but I don't dwell on what's not there. When one door closes another one opens. Last year we caught all the eater size walleye anyone could hope for. We also caught some nice hogs and released most of them. Perch have come back like I never thought would happen. Most of the perch we caught late the last few years, were puking up water fleas. So the perch comeback is helping in more ways than one.

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Should be a good early season, I have been keeping a log for the last 15 years and my records show when we have a a heavy lake freeze and a ot of ice still on lower lake Huron the 1st few weeks of march. We have a awsome sring fishiery right after ice out,

Last year we did pretty good we avg 5 smaller Salmon per trip and 2 Big browns, and 3 steelhead per trip march thru 1st week in April.

We use 16-18 foot bost and run the shore line with planner boards 200 or more from the boat a long lines up 300 feet behind the boat,

lots of bait fish in that area right now water temp is 34 and lots of ice flows.

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