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Blood Run Copper? and mono backing question

Fish Tank

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So I have 6 copper rods - 75 to 300'. The copper on it is a good 7 years old and really trying my patience. It's just old, caught tons of fish but the 7 strand is now separating and causing all sorts of bird's nests. I'm going to respool it all.

I've heard good things about Blood Run copper. I only run 45 pound. Any feedback here would be greatly appreciated.

Second - for backing I run the hi-vis green Berkley Big Game but I can't remember what test I use. I'm not going to run any powerpro as backing to save reel space. Just need the recommended pound. I was going to do 30 pd. Thoughts?

thanks ahead of time..............Fish Tank

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The 30lb has worked well for us but the wind does catch it and cause your boards to not run as well out to the side. We switched to 50lb power pro and get better performance out of our boards. I do splice in a 50ft section of 30lb mono between the copper and braid to put the board onto though.

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I have used both the 45# and 32# Bloodrun coppper and both work very well. Had 2 300' 45# but when one got tangled in a leadcore I changed it to the 32#. Based on the Bloodrun dive curve data there isn't much difference in the depth achieved between the two. The 32# is easier to work with though and I can get more backing on the reel since it does not take up as much space. Durability has not been an issue and compared to the 45# it goes on and deploys off the reel much easier. Both are much better than the 45# Opti copper from 6 years ago I originally had.

They don't seem to have it anymore, but I bought a big spool of the Bloodrun backing mono which is 30# diameter and it works well. I have half of my coppers using it and the other half using 50# PP -- which depends on the reel and how much space is available. I want at least 200 yards of backing on them. The PP will last longer than the mono though as it just does not decay.

To me the wear point on a copper setup is not the backing but the leader and the knots. I switched to using the small Spro barrel swivels and a haywire twist knot with heat shrink tubing over the copper knot a couple years ago. No issues with knots since. I think going to the Okuma GLT Pro copper rods has also helped with their bigger stainless eyes.

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Wow! Thanks to everyone. I checked out the dive charts on the blood run site and was surprised to see the comparison between 32 and 45 pd. So close. I'll definitely be going with the 32. I will also take the advice on the powerpro. I have plenty of it and will simply add 20 feet of mono between to attach the boards. I've got my plan.

thank you very much.................Fish Tank

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