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Dechalking the Chalk?

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Every year i spend time wheeling the boat pretty and by the end of the year, the chalk returns.

I'm a mechanical guy, not a body/gelcoat guy.

I've read somewhere that someone had the gelcoat cleaned and sealed.



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I always tell the ole lady I'm going to douche the boat but I didn't think it was litterally.....heheheh...


Thanks Mike!

ps. you use that on the little boat, or the big boat. thats a whole lot of vinegar for that big boat in't it!

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I had mine done a few weeks ago. Very laborous and can get expensive too. If you want to give it a try your self try 3M rubbing compound followed by Finessitt II Also by 3M. Take a disc buffer and buff it out with the compound, follow up with the Finessit, then go over it good with a sealing wax. Should last a couple seasons.

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One other thing. Remove the hardware that you can and mask what you cant remove. When you get that metalic residue on your buffing pad it will just go into your work and need to be redone. One other thing I can suggest. Whistle a happy tune, it may go faster....:D

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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "chalk".......if it is mineral deposit build up on the outdrive/lower unit and to a lesser degree on the hull,.....this build up is easily removed with MuriaticAcid.

Now before you jump out of your skin and say ACID!!!!!????? this is sold at marine dealers in a product called "Zing" in a watered down,perfumed version. Something like $9.00 a 1/2 Qt.

Full stregnth can be purchased at Menards ,....around $3. per gal.............

This stuff will not hurt the gelcoat or PAINTED metal although, if left on raw metal for any legnth of time, it will eat it away.(in other words, it needs a thorough flushing when you're done cleaning)

It easily removes any mineral build-up with only a gental brushing after sitting for about 5 minutes. Rubber gloves and a calm day are advised.........


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