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New Pier Fisherman in Holland area

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Hi there,

I am a second year college student and avid fisherman. I have spent most of my time fishing inland lakes and rivers.

I recently got a salmon/trout set up (8'6" rod and reel with good 14 lb mono) and I am looking for tips on targeting these fish!

Anything helps!

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Go on michigan-sportsman.com Search for a guy named dave ash. Anyways, a few years ago he got really heavy into fishing the holland pier. He posted about everything you need to know. So what you need to do is find his profile page. Click on POSTINGS, scroll towards the bottom and click on "Find all threads by Dave Ash" Then you'll have to look back a few years. I think it was around 2005 or 2006. The issue is that their forum software just updated. I'm not sure it all got ported over. He went everyday for a while and made a post everytime he went. I've never fished the holland pier but I've read every post he's created when I first got going. Some old timer on the pier told me about his posts.

Saying all that. Ask anything. This weekend. You should go hang out at the fish cleaning station in the DNR boat launch with a few zip lock bags and ask for eggs from the guys with boats. You'll need eggs for winter steelhead. Which is the most epic fishing there is. Store bought eggs are terrible.

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I stopped out to the pier to check out things tonight and get some lines in the water. Meet one nice guy out there trying to hook up with some cats or anything else that was biting.

I also went to the fishing cleaning station and talked to two guys that struck out tonight. Pretty obvious that the water is far too warm for any noticeable action in closer to the pier. It sounded like guys were marking fish 50-70 fow, but no concentrations of bait fish near by.

Gunna be watching the weather closely as well as this forum so I know when to get out there!

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Hey Bud,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to answer your questions, I have been busy with my 1 year old, work and fishing.

There is a lot you need to know, but here is the skinny...






I did not go through and re read everything so there could be duplicate info here.

I will also send you my number if you have specific questions.

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