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S. Haven King Aug 28

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We started fishing at dawn south of the pier in 90 FOW with lots of boats in the area. Trolled north with the wind that was kicking up 2-4 Ft waves. Water temps in the 70's down to the thermocline at about 70 Ft down. Caught 1 nice female King using 150 Ft copper + 2 color lead core with Green Dolphin magnum Stinger spoon off a planer board. You know you have hooked a nice one if it sinks your board. I believe the King was above the thermocline when it hit. We picked up a medium size Steelhead on the other board using the same rig about a half hour later. Later we lost 2 fish after a short fight one off a SWR / magnum spoon using a downrigger, the other off a magnum Dipsey Diver with a Spin Doctor / fly. We caught / released a Laker late morning. By noon the fleet had vanished and the bite was over.




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