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Was able to sneak out with a couple fishing buddies for an evening trip to end the weekend yesterday after being out of town Wed-Sat. for work and a wedding. After breaking the big lake curse for my good friend Matt last weekend, I was hoping to start turning him into a good luck charm with this trip :D. Headed out a bit south of port and set up in 85FOW trolling NNW at 6:30pm. Had a drive by in 100 FOW on a UV Spindoctor and UV meat rig on a low slide diver out 190ft. around 7:30pm and then it went dry for a couple hours. At dusk we hit a double on glow plugs, 200CU with a Dbl Glow Ace Hi and a high slide diver out 150ft with a Green Lightning Ace Hi., put two nice kings in the box. Spun around and hit another on a Big Weenie Spotted Dick meat rig on a low diver out 180ft. and put one more mature king in the box. Called it a night shortly there after at 10pm.

Matt's 1st lake Michigan king was a dandy...


The result of the double...


The last fish of the night on the meat rig...


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Yeah! Nice fish. How do you like your slide divers? I've debated getting some.

Jason I love the slide divers and have a ton of confidence in them, they account for more fish than any other rig on the boat. Long leaders on divers produce way more fish for us and with the slide divers there's no need to hand line the fish in at the back of the boat. I started using them last year on wire to replace our regular divers on our 16ft boat. We just didn't have the room for long leads off divers and the regular divers weren't being very productive for us. I added a 50ft section of 30lb mono to the end of the wire for the diver to run on and a 4-5ft fluorocarbon leader to the bait after that.

When we got the bigger boat this year and started running 4 divers I used the slide divers as our high divers and got regular walker deeper divers for the lows with 9ft leaders off of them figuring this would give us some variety in presentation. Well, in 8 trips the low divers only took one hit while the slide divers have still been our best rods, so I switched the lows over to slide divers with 30ft leads to our flashers last week; they've fired at least once each trip since. I think the longer leads give the flashers a slower roll creating a bit better presentation at higher trolling speeds allowing you to cover more ground. We typically troll in the 2.5-3.0 range at the ball.

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For my low slide divers I run the mag rings with the 7oz weight on a 2-3 setting which is equivalent to a 1-1.5 on a dipsy (slide divers settings go from 0 to 6). For the high divers I add the mag ring but run the smaller weight that they come with on a 6 setting (equivalent to a 3 on a dipsy). This has kept them spread out for us without any tangles so far.

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