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Went 7 for 7 out of PS this morning. Fished from 6:00 to 11:30 trolling north all the way past Grand Haven. 6 nice kings and one decent lake trout. Caught all fish in 80 to 90 FOW. Northwest troll seemed best. Plugs took most fish.

1/1 on double glow spin doctor with mirage fly 140 back on a dipsey. 14 lb king.

1/1 on trash can + spin n glow on the bottom. 7 lb laker.

3/3 on white w/ black glow j-plug on 225 copper. 3 nice kings.

1/1 on green splatter back ace hi plug on 300 copper. 10 lb king.

1/1 on blue/chrome j-plug on 7 color. 16 lb. king.

The fish came in that order.

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Was there a partucular hour you noticed more bites?

We had a double as soon as I put the dipseys and downriggers in the water. After that it was somewhat steady action until about 8:30 or 9:00. (We were 5 for 5 by like 8:30 or 9:00, then a big wait for the last two kings.)

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I heard you out there you had a hell of day. I got mine early and nothing after 9:30 3 for 4 meat rig 17lb King 60' down in 100' water 15lb King 3 color crome j plug in 70' water buddy got it as he was setting it and was wondering why he had a hard time getting it in pole holder LOL 5 lb steelie 80' glow j-plug 200 copper

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