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Clean Power Plan is tremendous opportunity for Michigan


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The Clean Power Plan is an opportunity to become a cleaner, healthier state, and to take serious steps to address climate change. It guides our state toward what we should be doing more of already -- investing in increased renewable energy and energy efficiency, putting the health of our families before the profits of polluters, and better protecting the clean water that defines our state and drives our economy.


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Its only expensive when you don't factor in the costs associated with global warming.

The United States has been the global leader in regards to reducing pollution since the 1970s. Even if all fossil fuel pollution was eliminated in the US it would be an insignificant reduction compared to what is being generated in China, India, eastern Europe... Sorry, but it doesn't add up to cripple the US energy supply and/or cost to require us to use expensive "politically correct" energy such as solar and wind instead of coal and natural gas. Especially if the rest of the world isn't gong to as well -- when along with nuclear, those are the fuels we have in abundance -- sort of amazing how that is a coincidence.

Somehow I feel that the UN will find issue with wind and solar and wave power too once they figure out that the USA with more flat land for solar and wind, and more coastline for wave energy will somehow be bad too. Eventually it is possible that solar and wind could be significant contributors to the country's energy base but not now and they are not even remotely competitive without significant government subsidies -- government subsidies which is a PC way of saying that the "government is paying for it" and since the government does not really have money, it has MY TAX DOLLARS, it is still us in the general population paying the higher cost.

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