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9 for 13 today with a 6 rod spread... Pretty epic lol, fished 95 to 120 fow braid diver set on 2 back 110 with a life is good spin doctor and a 4th of july meat rig took 3 bites 2 of which we lost, braid diver set on 2 back 87 took a 12lb king with a mirage meat rig and white glow spin doctor, rigger down 65 with a white glow j plug took a 15lb king 200 copper took big kings/steelies as well cant remember what came on what after that but i was running fullcore 2 riggers as well as 200 copper and my divers.

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Thanks you so much for the reports. We went out tonight but got a late start. We hit the pier heads and w/ the growing wind and the chop. Turned right around.

No problem! More to come, ill be out tomorrow morning forsure and sunday morning probably

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