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holland - the evening of 7-20

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Was a lonely boat off Holland last night - strong current and winds made us eminent for heading north - trolled more north of tunnel and off port sheldon. Could not get em to go - threw the whole variety at em including adding extra dipseys - then suddenly at 8.30pm in 95 FOW we got a quadriple - not your drawn out spread out quad either - they all went and almost all at once - full core first, then inside dipsey, then high dipsey, and finally rigger. The kids and I tag teamed em and dealed with sheer chaos netting as they arrived but got em all :)

95 FOW

North troll

Full core - 40 down - Moonshine Happee Meal

Dipsey spin doctor dialed on 1.75 150' back

Dipsey spin doctor dialed on 3.5 200' back

Rigger 75 down - Moonshine Green Jeans

This is only the 2nd time ever I have gotten a quad and managed to get em all - good times! Couldn't have done it without all the helping hands. Beautiful night out there too. Will let you know how we fare tonight.



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after a couple decent days in a row we figured why not and tried again this evening... we ran the same program but it was humbling and we didn't do as well. only hit we took was full core in 85 FOW and it proved to be a 8# steelhead which we eventually landed. sounded like some guys were just nailing the lake trout out there tonight but that Salmon were kind of slow. yesterday morning my buddy Randy caught a 21# chinook off of Holland - that has got to be the biggest one I have heard of caught this year - anyone else top that? Thanks

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