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Fished 530p to 830pm, had some kids on board so we had to be in early. Ended 6 for 9, 3 kings 12-15 lbs, one small steelhead and two lakers. Fished 80 to 110 with 90 being best depth. Kings came on 300 copper with modified blue dolphin, 200 copper with mixed veggies and green glow frog meat rig. Steelhead on 3 color double orange crush, one laker on a wire diver with JJ's girlfriend meat rig set back 130 and the other laker on rigger with orange spoon. Lost fish on 300 copper blue dolphin, rigger with blue bubble meat rig and high diver with kevorkian spin doctor.

Marked lots of bait and fish between 80 and 90.

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