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Grand haven mud report

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Fishing in the past few weeks has been picking up. A lot of kings starting to show up. Haven't gone past 45 foot in the last 2 weeks. Everything up close in the mud with most being good size kings with some nice Steel in the mix. Here's the report from the past two days.

7/15 AM

25-40 FOW most fish came in front of the pierheads The troll never really mattered but the currents have been ripping so you'd have to keep an eye on the fishhawk. At times we were going around 4.5 SOG to keep a good downspeed. Hot baits were 11 inch pearl fish scale flasher down the chute 20 foot, rigger 11 down yellow tux, 2 color red pepper, 100 copper MOP plug, 2 color fickle pickle plug, and 3 color mixed veggie plug. The hottest rod was our diver 35 back with Tomic MOP with black dots 35 back. We ended the day going 8/15. Went a couple hours without a bite and just caught the tail end of the morning bite but around 10 they turned back on when the sun got up and hot.

7/16 AM

25-45 FOW tried to be In our spot all morning in 30 FOW in front of the pierheads but there were a lot of boats out and we got pushed out to 45 foot and got a few bites out there too. This morning glow plugs and spoons were going for the first couple hours. 2 color yellow lightning, 3 color lucky charms, 5 color yellow jeans spoon, and riggers 14 and 16 down with glow plugs all took fish. Switched off the glows once the sun got up and got bites and fish on 2 color jäger bomb, chute down 21 was hot with 11 inch pearl fishcale flasher with oceana fly, and 3 color chrome lucky charms. Was back to the dock at 10 going 9/16 today. Lots of boats doing well out there today. Current was less wicked as the day before. Downspeed was best at 2.4-2.7.


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