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GH Sunday July 12 AM & PM

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Headed SW past the chocolate milk to about 60 FOW at dawn. Nothing going till about 7:30 when hit this Laker in 100 feet on a White Pro King 300 Copper. Came back towards the fleet where a lot of them were stacked in the muddy stuff just north of the pier head. Nada. What a beautiful morning to be on the water! Not a ripple.

Bonus Fishing! Talked the wife and Daughter to going out in the afternoon around 3 PM. Channel was packed with about anything that would float and had a running motor. Fished for about 40 mins before the biting flies and crew mutiny drove me back into the madness of the river. Picked up a nice 6lb Steelie that spent more time above the water than in it on a pro king raspberry off a dipsey 125 on 3 80 FOW. Tied up on the wall for dinner at Snug Harbor (Part of the deal)


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