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New to river fishing

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I usually fish the big lake, but because of the purchase of property close to the Betsie River, I have decided to break in to river fishing in the fall and early spring.

I bought a rod and reel from my favorite tackle shop, but don't know where to go from there even down to the fishing line. I was hoping I could get info on set ups and such. Mainly specific to the Betsie and the Platte. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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Sorry you didn't get any replies. I have zero knowledge of betsie and platte. I use 10lb test to river fish. I'd guess most guys use 8lb. I mainly fish using floating spawn sacks off of the bottom. If I was you i'd go find some experienced guy fishing the local rivers that is willing to talk. You'll shorten the learning curve really quick that way.

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