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Family Fishing Trips 7/4 - 7/10/2015

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Had the pleasure of spending the week just north of Alabaster stone docks on Lake Huron. Blasted out of town with my middle child, Amber, on Friday. We fished Saturday and caught 3 walleye, she did all the reeling! Fun time with her!!!!


Fished Monday with Adam, AKA Griz! We hit some deeper water. He brought in 4 walleye that made the net, we lost well over our limit! He was all smiles!




Fished one day solo and caught 2 right out in front of the cabin, losing another 4.

Fished Thursday with my eldest, Ashely. We started out front, with no action. Moved to some deeper water where she went 6 for 12.




Nephews from Phoenix went out for an afternoon cruise, and a quick fish. We picked up 3 more walleye in about an hour north of Tawas.



Total for Thursday was nine nice fish.


Fished Friday with Griz and "Uncle Scotty" on his boat for a morning trip. Griz got 6 to the boat, Scott and I got 2 others while Griz was taking a siesta on the boat.



I only used worms Saturday with Amber, and then switched up to Husky Jerks and Reefrunners the rest of the week.

Fun trips, I won't soon forget.

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Fun times!!! Good job on the fish too! Gotta love those outer bay walleye!

Night and day difference from those inner bay eyes. Much healthier, much plumper, and a lot more meat off those fish. Seemed like the fish were 3.5# up to 6#s. I can't wait to get back up there this weekend. My dad is going to get out with me Saturday.

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GJ on the eyes. You have a beautiful family. It was good seeing you and Scott at the ramp Fri. We fished the outer also and made quick work of some nice fish. Those pics are priceless.:)

We thought we saw you off to the west of us.

The pics are priceless. I refer to it, as the days I will never get back! And I'm sure going to try and involve the kids in the things I love to do, in hopes that they will enjoy the time with me. In this instance, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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