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Went 4 for 4 out of PS last night. Fished from about 7:00 to 10:45 catching three good kings and one shaker king that we threw back. We were in water south of PS from 60 FOW to 150 FOW with the best action between 120 and 135 towards the end of the night.

2/2 on 300 copper with a blue meat rig behind a blue flasher. Both kings around 10 lbs.

1/1 on a purple meat rig behind a black mamba paddle 60 feet down on the rigger. About a 15 lb. king.

1/1 on 3 color lead with a UV blue dolphin super-slim. Very small king.

We've only been catching about two fish a trip the last few weeks until this night, so hopefully the fishing is starting to pick up.

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