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I'd guess the guy was going to actually use the equipment instead of selling it. That's why he only took the spinning gear. I'd go check the pawn shop in benton harbor anyways. Good luck on hunting down your stuff.

I was fishing a week ago or so and there was some guys there fishing for cats. One of the guys was clearly jacked on meth. Pacing on the pier. Yelling at any boat that passed. He couldn't sit still. He couldn't leave a line in the water longer than 10 minutes without reeling it up. He had a couple teeth left. There was kids on the pier and they were asking what was wrong with that guy. It was a sad site to see.

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Not good. In the 6 years I lived at Eagle Point I never had a problem and left everything except removable electronics on the boat -- removed them to keep them out of the weather. Had to have a gate card to get in -- has that changed?

I would make sure to report it to the police as well. You may not be the only boat to have been hit.

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