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A lot of cold water after the North blow on Tuesday.

Fished the GTASFA Wednesday League which was out of Frankfort this week.

Ran down to the Hole but water was an icy 38 and no fish on the graph. After about 30 minutes there, decided to just run back to the piers and work the warmer river water. Ended up 4-5, 3 11# kings and a brown. Only boat in there and only boat that did not have lake trout at the weigh-in. A mini streak Orange crush took the brown and a king on 3 color and Halloween took a king on 2 color. DW super slim Pete's Steelie Bait took the third king off the rigger at 16. Tried running the temp break from river water and every time we were coming in off the South wall we took a fish either just before the pier or just inside the pier heads.

Next morning tried the same patter - warmer water had moved to the north pier side but did not have a touch in there. Fueled up the boat and headed off shore about 8 going 16-22, our 3 man limit just after noon on Lake Trout (6) and Steelhead 10 - (one small 10" throwback that got us started out there). Orange crush and Halloween - super slims NBK, Pink Panties, and Orange Golden Icicle 2-5 colors.



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