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GH 6/20 am, PS 6/25 pm, and PS 6/28 pm on the New Boat

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It's been some time since I last posted a report, haven't been able to get out as much this year as last so far but thankfully that is looking like it will change for the rest of the summer. Made the big decision to upgrade the rig this year from our 16' Grumman to a 2004 Aquasport 215 Explorer with a 2-stroke 200hp outboard and a 4-stroke 9.9hp kicker on the back. It's 22' overall with a T-top, two person cuddy, two Cannon Mag 10 STX riggers, tracks, a bunch of rod holders, Fish Hawk, and a couple of Hummingbird Units. She fishes great and motors fast, VERY happy with the purchase so far.


Now for the fishing...

Grand Haven 6/20 am - Took a couple buddies from college out for their first time on Lake Michigan and first time salmon fishing. Managed to go 5/7 if you include the two shaker kings. Six out of the 7 hits came on high slide divers out 120ft with UV Green Dolphin and UV Wonderbread spoons. Lost 2 nice kings in 120FOW, picked up a 5lber in 135FOW, hit a small steelhead in 160FOW, and finished the day picking up about a 10lb king in 265FOW on a Double Orange Crush on 30ft of copper while running fast looking for steelhead.


PS 6/25 pm - Got out on the water around 6:30pm after work and fished until 11pm. Finished up 3/3 with a good size steelhead and a couple of 10-13lb kings. Glad we stayed late as both kings came after dark. Took the steelhead on a Dbl Orange Crush on 30ft of copper in 150FOW, first king on Glow Yellowtail behind 30ft of copper and a 2oz torpedo running about 25ft down in 135FOW, second king on Flounder Pounder on a rigger parked at 40ft down in 130FOW.




PS 6/28 pm - Took my mom and sister out for their first time in the new boat. Fished from 6-9pm with only 1 good rip around 8:30pm in 150 FOW. Marked good numbers of fish in the 130-150FOW range straight out and a bit south of port. The water was dirty with a decent break about 40ft down in this area. Wish we could have stayed latter as the bite was just picking up in the same area for others I was talking to but had to get them back because of work in the morning. It was a beautiful night on the lake nonetheless, flat calm out there again.

Hopefully the South winds and warm weather continues going into next weekend. We had 67deg surface temps last night with the top 30ft of the water column in the 60s, the 30-60ft range in the 50s, and below 60ft in the 40s. Getting close to having a nice temp break setup.

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Nice new boat, thanks for the reports. We'll probably fish GH end of July.

Your upgrade sounds like mine. When I retired in Sept 2011, I sold my 17' deep, wide aluminum boat and purchased a 1994 Grady White Adventure 208, with two person cutty, 130HP, 4 stroke Honda, two built-in 115 qt coolers (1 also works as a livewell). No kicker or hardtop with rocket launchers, but bimini. I wanted a hardtop, but couldnt find one. I bought the q

You will really enjoy the new watercraft. I am.


Hockey Puck on The Reel Woman

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Thanks Dan, really like it so far, still dialing her in and learning how she fishes but it's been a fun ride thus far in the first couple of weeks. I'm considering a night trip out of GH on Thursday night with the full moon this week since some buddies of mine and myself have Friday off. Will report how we do, success or not, but looking like good weather after tomorrow for the rest of the week and weekend so planning on being on the water as much as possible this week.

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Congrats on the New Rig Kevin. Looks like a sweet ride! Hope to get out tomorrow out of Muskegon. Looks like should be a good weekend on the water ! :thumb:

Agreed Joe, the weather looks great tomorrow through Sunday. Also looks like the north winds flipped the lake today, could make it interesting the next couple of days.

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