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Got a call that a good salmon bite was to be found in 120-150fow near Fox Point so off the MKE for first time this season. Conditions were beautiful will some leftover rollers out of the north with 56.5 on the surface and 52 down 40. Almost all day we saw hook after hook on the locator but man they were not hungry. We worked 6miles north from setup in 120fow and out to 160 then eventually into 80s and no concentration of biters. Limited radio chatter confirmed we were not suffering alone and except for the action at first light most hadn’t had much going.

I talked to friends who were fishing out of Port that did well Sat and way slower for them also. Decided to enjoy the fair seas and tell stories and take what we could get because my crew’s supply of smoked fish almost exhausted. I pounded the bottom a lot with a Spin n Glo and pulled our biggest LT @13# and only one other release on that ol reliable. I wish I could have continued a northerly troll because the current was pretty strong. The kicker is fixed but big motor has a fuel issue so with the predicted SE rising winds didn’t want to get too far from the harbor. Luckily it worked OK yesterday and new fuel pump on order. Once we turned south just shy of the college we at times had to go 1mph faster SOG to keep the Depth Raider around 2.2.

One goal was accomplished: get a king that took drag. Despite being only 12# it buried the Off Shore board and we had to clear a side and turn to get it back up. It succumbed to a 150 copper with Blk/Pearl Big Al and Blue Hawaiian. We ended the trip with 3 hours of no bites. Score was 9 for 11 with 3 kings, 1 coho and 5LT.

Grey Beard

2 color Big Al Silver/Blue Brad’s Shamrock 0/0

4 color Big Al Green/Gold Brad’s Seahawk 0/0 then NBK spoon 0/0

6 color Raider Blue Knight 0/0 then Big Al Silver/Brad’s Spotted cow 1/1

8 color Big Al Silver/Brad’s Shamrock 2/2

150 copper Blk/Pearl Big Al and Blue Hawaiian 1/1

250 copper Dbl Purple Spook 0/0 then Big/Al Silver/silver Brad’s Seahawk 1/1

3 set braid 30-80 loc Raider Flame Thrower then Dble Orange Crush Raider 0/0

1.5 set wire 70-150 smoke dodger/ Seahawk 0/1

1.5 set wire 100-200 smoke dodger/ Seahawk 0/0

Rigger 20-60 SWR Brad’s Kevorkian 1/1

Rigger 40- bottom Big Al Silver/Black Brad’s Sa-weet 0/0 change PK Dragon Slayer/LBB 0/0

Rigger 50-bottom White dodger/Spotted Cow 1/1, then Silver/Char Spin N Glow 1/2


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