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Went 5 for 8 this morning. Set lines at about 8:00 Am and headed west, didn't get my first hit until about 250 FOW. Laker on stinger pinky on 200 foot copper. Took a couple more at about 300 FOW and the rest at 370 FOW. Best depth was about 50-70 feet. Nice temp break out there at 370, went from 57 to 51 real quick and some good action there. Had 4 lakers, 2 coho and 1 steelie. Lost the steelie and threw back one laker. Dead flat on the water with lots of flies also. Nice day to go out deep. Michigan stinger pinky was my best spoon. Moonshine dancing anchovie RV, took a couple of hits and one flasher fly took a hit. 370 FOW out of whitehall = 10 miles out.

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