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Recent reports sounded like fishing slowed and fish scattered. I had 3 young cousins who I’m sure didn’t care what they caught so I headed to where we boated 20 LT last Sat. The surface temp was up from 50 to 55.6 and down 40 it was 52.5. As I was setting lines the guys kept remarking about all the fish on the screen with hook and clusters of hooks 40-80 down. Must be LT as still awaiting my first decent chinook bite after 7 trips.

We set down in 80fow and headed east not long for 150 copper color Big Al Silver/Brad’s Seahawk to get the first bite followed by 2 color bow on Big Al Silver/blue and Brad’s Shamrock. Missed the next two bites and found ourselves in 138 with waning marks and last bite 99fow. Headed in and stayed inside the 3rd hill the remainder of the day between 85-99fow running SW to NE line with about 0.2mph current from the north running 2.2-2.5 on the DRX-10. I don’t think we missed a silver fish bite but 4 LT managed to escape. Once we got to 9 LT in the box I put the Flasher Fly program on the riggers with white/pearl Inticers and dbl aqua flies 10’ separation and yup, another LT. Earlier put down a Spin n Glo bouncing on the bottom and took about 15 min to fire and then pulled that for the above.

It was a calm day to fish with these young guys who did a great job. They now know how to set board lines, steer the boat and sleep on a boat so will be easier for me next time. Boated 2 bows around 8#, 3 coho and 12 LT. I think I’ll head to MKE next for the improving king bite.

Grey Beard

Mono 50’ Seahawk ThinFish 0/0 pulled for 4 color Big Al Silver/Shamrock 2/2

2 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 0/0 pulled for 3 color Big Al Silver/Shamrock 1/1

5 color Sa-weet 0/0 change to 2 different spoons 0/0

6 color Big Al Crushed Ice/ Brad’s Blue Hawaiian1/2

8 color Big Al’s Silver/Brad’s Seahawk 2/3

150 copper Big Al Silver/Brad’s Seahawk 2/2

3 set braid 30-45loc 1/1 Dble Orange Crush Raider

1.5 set wire 70-150 smoke dodger/ Seahawk 2/2

1.5 set wire 100-175 smoke dodger/ Seahawk 2/3

Rigger 20-40 SWR Shamrock 0/0 change to White Inticer/dble aqua 0/0

Rigger 40- bottom Big Al Silver/Black Brad’s Kevorkian 1/1 change to White Inticer/dble aqua 0/0

Rigger 50-bottom White dodger/Spotted Cow 1/2, then Spin N Glow 1/1 then White Inticer/dble aqua 1/1




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