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Time fished: 8:15AM to 1:45PM

Area fished (GPS lat/lons 0ptional): Straight out and 4 miles north of pier heads

Best depth of water to be over: 90-145

Most productive troll direction: West

Depth of hits:100'

Rigger lead lengths: 15-25'

Number of fishermen aboard:3

Best lures & colors: chartreuse spin n glow and small white dodger

Surface temp: 63

Down temp for hits (if known): No thermocline, 50 degrees 75' down to 105'.

Troll speed: 2.4 to 2.8

Number and kind of fish caught: 1 6# laker

Reel commentary: Too nice on the lake; o-1s ended up dead calm and hot; no wind to push 63 degree air above the water to cool us. Worked 90-110 most of the time, then reset lines later at 120 towards 145. At 1PM picked up laker on port rigger down 100, in 138FOW. There were marks of fish from 70'-bottom in some areas. This is second time this year where we watched the fish hit the rigger on my fish finder; you can see them come up to look and then wham that rigger released.

Left my boat on the trailer at Pier 1000, because I'm taking some worker bees out Sunday.

Sunday is supposed to be 1-2s, hope it stays that way, that's perfect waves. Saturday is supposed to be lumpy with 2-4s, 2-4s is very fishable but 1-2s don't beat you up as bad.

Hope you fathers and grandfathers had a great Fathers Day.

"Hockey Puck" ON THE REEL WOMAN Agnello

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Tarrey, Thanks.

That format was made by Capt John King for his website. I copy that report and paste it here and to fishin buds emails.

R U going out Sunday? if so I can call u on 68.

Its been a though season so far, had one skunk earlier this yr n thought we'd have another. Too many storms to scatter what fish there are out there, they are scattered looking for bait fish already n then storms scatter them more. We need a bunch of sunny days with westerly winds to set things up.

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Rooster shooter, nice to talk too. What is name of your boat, Silver ______. I appreciate the on water reports. Most captains are very helpful, but u will get a few that give the coded reports, ie. plan A, setup B, area C, etc. As soon as I get a fish I go on the radio, I want all to catch fish.

All my mates have the right attitude, get out on the big lake n have fun with the guys, catching fish is seconday.

We'll be out tomorrow, left my boat at Pier 1000 Wed to save gas from Jackson, my middle son Ryan, is at his boat, Dock Holiday, 34' Silverton, at Pier 1000.

Yesterdays report from friend Chris Kleva's dad wasnt very good; Meals From Reels, only 3 greasers way up north in 150 fow, he went all the way out to 250.

Think we'll setup straight out in 90 n troll NW.

Another boat out with us Wed, straight out, reported some cohos, steelies n laker mix there. Of course things change every few minutes.

Got some worker bees out with me, I've been retired for 4 yrs, bought the bigger Grady White boat as retirement present to myself. My 17' Alum boat like yours was the Hockey Puck.

Do u know Whisker Biscuit out of St Joe? Havent heard him out there in quite a while.

Hockey Puck on The Reel Woman.

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