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Walleye 6/24/2015 4 man limit

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I fished with Mike T, Skip S, and Chuck A. It was a fairly quick trip to punch our 4 man ticket. We farmed 3 keepers at the end. All colors were going at at one point we had 4 fish on. 3oz BB off the down rods and 2oz BB off from 10 Offshore boards. 25-31 FOW with a speed between 1.2 and 1.7 MPH. As usual I gave my five away. Surface temps were 67.5 to 69 degrees.


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Hey thanks for the report Frank! A couple buddies and I will be up next Thursday through the holiday weekend! Staying at the marina in Au Gres hope to get on some fish! Call out is Fresh water warrior since I'll be hauling my boat over. What channel are the fishermen on over on the Bay? West side salmon fishermen are usually on channel 68 not sure if thats the same east side or not! Again thanks for the report!:thumb:

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