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Does it count as a Skunk if???

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Launched out of S.J. Saturday AM with a 4-man crew. Dropped in at 65fow headed S/W. Half-way through the layout, our 16 year old Korean exchange student started chumming. In the hopes he would “Man Up†we continued laying out lines. Just as I started working a wire diver w/ meat I could see a Steely doing a tail dance behind to boat. “What the heck, no ones watching the rods ?†Well I finished to 2 wire divers and reset the DR and slider and noticed a chum slick down the port side of the prop wash. We talked with the boy and he wanted to go home, #(&%#^()&%^&*. That was the shortest trip I’ve ever had, oh-well!!


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A fews years ago me, two regular fishing buddies and my 15 year old nephew went out of Sterling State Park for walleye. We ran for about an hour out to just north of West Sister island. Me and the two "regulars" were started catching fish -- walleye and sheepies -- but the nephew wasn't. Wouldn't listen to us on what we were doing and insisted on doing his own thing. Since that wasn't working and he was consequently getting board he decided after about an hour that he was "sick" and wanted to go in. Knowing he was just being a spoiled brat we/I refused and he pouted for 30 minutes. Fearing this I had explained before we ever left the house and drove for 2 hours that we were going to be out for the whole day -- and was assured that he was up for it and "really, really wanted to go fishing".

Back in the '90s off St. Joe a good friend (Jeff - college roommate) and two of his bass fishermen buddies (Don & Phil) ame down to fish one of the first Tackle Haven tournaments on my 22' WAC. Seas were around a 1.5-2' chop with whitecaps. Don was real quiet and after about 2 hours was green and trying to attract fish with a chum line. We offered to go back in but he insisted on staying out. To try to combat the seasickness, we made him fight and net fish -- which worked while he did it, but right back to hanging over the side when the action died down. He did get a big fish prize with a 18# laker but we finished way down the board overall. Now Don has his own salmon boat and goes more often than me.

I think that going in before the action started had to be better than having it happen with a good bite happening though.

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