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Had a great morning on the water with the exception of finding out that my radio would not transmit. Thanks to "Bendin Rods" for announcing the start of the WMFL it was a great help.

Any how, I took off from the start and headed NW to 90 fow and set in on a 210 degree troll and started seeing good marks and a little bait and takeing bites in 120 fow ,we followed that line out to 170 fow were we ran out of marks and bites . We turned and followed it back with nothing and turned again in 120 , back on to a 210 degree troll and started to take bite as soon as we spun around. We made this lap 2 full times and ended up 11 for 11 with 5 lake trout and 6 kings.

Hear is a list of what worked.

  1. Mag Silver Streak Blue Mango on a rigger down 69
  2. Mag Silver Streak Blue line on a 250 copper
  3. Mag Silver Streak UV Wolverine Dolphin 300 copper
  4. White double pearl glow Spin Dr with a Pickled Kenny Big Weenie fly on a 350 copper
  5. Big Weenie Kevorkian meat rig on a high diver back 125
  6. And a Big Weenie JJ'S Boy friend meat rig on a high diver back 150

Sorry for not having pictures of the bait this time. Forgot to take them when I left the boat. But here are a few of the catch.



Best speed was 2.7 at the ball.

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