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Not a lot of info re recent catches out of Racine so headed to Wind Point where there had been some decent action on the weekend in 60-70fow. Decided to stop short of 16 can and work the structure up to 14 can in 40-55fow. 57on the surface and 53.5 down 25 and watched the down temp drop a couple of degrees as we headed north. Very little bait and one hook so before I reached 14 can headed SE to 70fow. Later told I should headed NE. Water color was on the green murky side so another reason not to stay. Saw a color line to the east in 75fow with gulls on it and thought “yippeeâ€. 3 degree temp break but no bait and no marks working it south at least 1 mile. Finally a small LT on smoke dodger/Seahawk wire dipsy and that would go a few more times before the day was out.

Decided to slide into 50fow near the Racine Reef to see if the structure held bait and fish like last time. We did pick up 3 more and saw bait but no marks. Heard some action for kings earlier in 70 fow south of us and another friend getting bit in 80fow so turned out again. Quite honestly not sure which way to turn. Just south of the reef water color improved and temp fell a couple of degrees and continue to drop from 57.5 in 50fow to 51.8 in 80. The smoke dodger/wire dipsy and Seahawk was up to 3 fish and the white/pearl dodger Seahawk on the other side still looking for a bite. I changed to smoke dodger but also lengthened lead to 20’ and it went 2 for 3. We ended up trolling north and south around 80 fow getting a bite here and there with no pattern. We were 11 for 11 so someone had to say that and we missed the next 3 bites. I bounced a rigger on the bottom a good share of the day and finally hooked up and then one of the losses.

Others reported fish were scattered and I pushed the speed a little to 2.2-2.5 Depth Raider DX-10 to cover a more water finding a 0.3mph current out of the north. Still looking for my first decent king bite after 5 trips. Coho are growing and found 5-7†alewife in their stomachs. Maybe that’s why my friends best rod was a magnum ProKing cracked ice on a 6 color. We ended 13 for 16 with 1 bow, 5 LT and 7 coho.

Little motor stopped after 3 hours but restarted immediately. Then stopped another 6 times over the course of 2 hours but would re-start after about 10 min. Then ran 2.5hr to finish the day like nothing was wrong. Stops in less than 5 seconds and when it runs it’s smooth like it should be. Evidently the new fuel pump is not the solution. Taking a mechanic fishing Saturday. Pretty had to put in the repair shop when it’s so erratic at $100/hr. I thought the suggestion to buy a new engine was a bit over the top but now reconsidering.

Grey Beard

2 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 2/2

2 color Brad’s cut plug Shamrock 2/2

3 color Hud spoon 0/0 change to Brad’s Groucho 0/0

4 color red flasher/LBB peanut 0/0 pulled for 150 copper Brad’s Blue Hawaiian 1/1

5 color Kirk Harmes’ purple special spoon 0/0 Pulled for 8 color Big Al Silver Brad’s Blue Hawaiian 2/2

6 color Brad’s Sa-weet 0/0

3 set Dipsy 30-45loc Dble Orange crush 0/0 change to red Flasher/dbl aqua peanut 0/0

1.5 set wire 45-130loc Smoke dodger/Seahawk 4/4

1.5 set wire 70-140 none with white dodger/Seahawk 2/3 when changed to smoke dodger

Rigger 50- bottom White then changed to smoke with Seahawk 0/1

Rigger 30-65 Big Al green/Brad’s lemon Lime 0/0 changed to SWR down 50 Brad’s Shamrock 0/1

Rigger 20-50 Big Al Silver/Brad’s Purple frog 0/0 changed to swr Dirty Oz 0/0




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