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That is there Orange Monkey Puke. Blade is gold with orange edges. The Stock number is # YOO. But they are out of business last I knew

Actually my spoon is a straight white on the inside instead of the bronzeish goldish of a monkey puke. Sorry bad picture but I compared them and I don't think that's it. Northern king did sell just blanks for spoon makers, I suppose it could be custom made from the guy we got it from.

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I'm with Joel. I have the same spoon and it is a Guide series by gander mountain. I have another one that is monkey puke guide series.

two of the best spoons I have. I got them out of a bin in gander mountain

years ago that everything was $1.99 in that bin. They work. that is all that matters. I run the orange one on half core and high on a rigger and the monkey puke one on 300 copper and deep rigger. they have boated a lot of fish for me over the years.

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