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7th trip Mon. 6-15-2015 Saginaw Bay Walleye. Five man limit.

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I fished with John, Ken, Ryan B, and Joe S, and finished strong for a 5 man limit. We are the over the hill gang. Ken caught his first walleye today. 1.0 to 1.7 MPH pulling 3 oz BB off the down rods and 2 oz BB off from 10 Offshore boards. 27to 31 FOW. Hammered Copper was good as was hammered nickel, and glow chartreuse all #4 Colorado spinners. I gave my fish away.:)

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Great job Frank. Thanks for stopping by to say howdy!

Kevin, It's always good talking with you and I finally got to meet Debbie. Heck you two are darn near locals now.:lol: I had to say howdy to Keith and Theresa also. There are a lot of good folks at the campground.:) Give me a shout if you need a rider. I'd like to see how your rig fishes. It sure is a nice boat. :)

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