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Hit the Lake about 5:30AM set up in 100FOW heading west hit 135 and it started. For the next two hours it was consistent. We weren't able to get,or keep the lines in. High diver back 100 with a SS Double Orange Crush took the first king. Before we got that reset, board went. Right as we got that king in the other board on that side went, Another king. Finally got a rigger bite this year, screamer!! Landed that, another board went, another king. Resetting that, one, the rigger went, missed that one. Finally got most of the lines in and another rigger went. Catch and release greaser. hit 240, turned back in, should have gone in, never took another hit. Kids slept through all of the fire drill, as soon as they got up, nothing. Radio traffic had most getting an east troll, not for us. spent 5-6 hours washing spoons. Meat rigs, spoons, slim and regular. Greens and blues were the best. Size of the kings improved for us, the biggest was 13.5lbs. Ended 6-7


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