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St. Joe Sat June 13

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We fished St Joe. AM Saturday. The lake was rolling early with some fog. The lake calmed down and the sun came out about noon when we finished up. We started out in 95 FOW and trolled out to 115 FOW. We stayed pretty much in the same general area all morning trying to keep fish on the graph. We kept an eye on some storms crossing the lake. We really did not want to run out way deep with the storms in the area. Found bait and some larger marks on the bottom. Caught 2 Lake Trout and 1 Splake (had to look that one up in the MI Fishing guide). Also boated 2 medium size Kings and 1 Coho. All but 1 of the fish came on the Stingray (MI Stinger) UV Blue Dolphin spoons. One Laker hit a Brad's meat rig and Dogger using canned Tuna in Oil. Ran only 5 lines most of the day to allow for some quick maneuvering in the fog to avoid other boats.

Two fish hit a SWR down 50 Ft. One fish hit a SWR down 80 Ft. Two fish came on 150 FT Copper + 2 color Lead Core on a Planner board. One fish came on 300 Ft copper down the chute. I feel the stealth techniques have helped us catch some silver fish this year.



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