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6-11-2015 Walleye 5 person limit. Trip # 5

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We have had our two youngest grandchildren visiting all week. Alex is 12 yo and really getting into all outdoor sports. Alex and I greeted Chuck A, Joe S, and Darren H aboard the P1 Thursday. This was Darren's first trip aboard Priority1 and he took to our methods well. Our bite was very tough and we didn't have all day because Joe had to get on GMs clock. We boated 27 keeper walleye farming 2 at the end. BB and Meat in 25-35 FOW. Our 3 oz down rods were very slow today only taking one keeper each. We ran 10 OR12 Offshore boards with flag kits. Surfaces temps still low for this time of yr at about 64 degrees. It was slow pick with the fish just gorged on bugs. There was bug casings thick on the waters surface. Speed 0.7 to 2.5 MPH. Glow green was our best color and a hammered copper close behind. we used all #4 blades. We took some decent fish from 15-1/2" up to 24". The bite was lite and I tried to stay on the helm most of the time to coax the neutral fish into hitting. I had to resort to my force feed em methods. A couple of the fish were packed so full of bugs they looked like spawning females. One in particular had numerous undigested dry bugs in it's guts.


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