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Fishing at Racine has picked up and wasn’t sure whether I should try Wind Point for a mixed bag or near the harbor for easy pickings Coho. The failure of the big motor to get us on plane with 4 attempts made the decision for us. Maybe some water in the gas, as never died and would idle.

We marked some bait and not many marks so definitely not like the day before that I’m told a 20fish limit in 1 hr 20min. We kept circling around the area with half dozen or so other boats pecking away with maybe 1-2 bites as we went through color line break just out front. My buddy’s hot lure this spring has been Brad’s Seahawk with a smoke 8†dodger so I put one on center rigger and kept adjusting to keep it a couple of feet off the bottom just in case a king might be around. It went 4/4 on Coho. We had 9 in the box and released a shaker after a couple of hours and it died for us and others I spoke with. The kicker was working OK so decided to chance it and head to Wind Point.

On our way out to 40fow went 1 for 3 and other fishing partner popped a couple and noted half a dozen boats outside the Racine Reef. That was a lot closer so headed that direction working 40-50fow. Picked off a couple more then missed 3 in a row. All misses today were tripped dipsy or board pull backs and by the time we got to the rod, gone. Found lots of bait piles there and best action was a bit south of the reef so worked that area until time to troll in.

I’m not sure what to make of it but seems like this year the fish move daily as same good report last week but gone the next AM. I heard later the Wind Point fishing was not near as good as the past weekend. Lucky for us we put putted out to the reef. Water temp at the harbor 55, reef was 53 with 49 down 25. Trolled 2.2-2-4 on the DX-10 finding about 0.3mph current from the south. Ended up with one 5# king and 17 coho and about 7 “drive bysâ€. Little motor did kill twice but restarted after a short time. Back in the repair shop tomorrow and got in so quickly with a salmon filet bribe. He thinks water in the gas and sure hope he is correct.

Grey Beard

Mono board 50’ Orange black dot Thin Fish 0/1 changed to 2 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 1/1

Mono 30’ Orange/yellow/black squiggles 0/0 changed to 5color below

2 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 1/1

3 color Big ALs red/silver and Groucho Brad’s 1/2

3 color Dbl Orange Crush 1/2

4 color Brads Twisted Sister 1/2

5 color double Purple Spook 0/0 changed to Big Als Silver/ SeaHawk 1/1

3 set Dipsy 20-30 red flasher/blk/copper/blue peanut1/2

3 set dipsy 25-35 Big Als red/silver Brads Sa-weet 2/2

1.5 set wire 30-70 Red 8†dodger/SeaHawk 2/3

1.5 set wire 25-50 Smoke dodger/Purple Frog 0/0 changed to SeaHawk 2/3

Rigger 20-bottom Smoke dodger/SeaHawk 4/4

Rigger 20 to 40 Big Als Silver Blue/Brads Spotted Cow 0/0 changed to SeaHawk 1/2

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