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Struggled to get 2 fish today, 12# King on Walker deeper diver set on 1 out 150, with a stinger modified coyote spoon, and a 5# Steelhead on a 10 color with the same spoon, we started south of the Junk Cars in 80 and trolled north northwest to 130, Had a huge rip in a 3 color with a stinger orange killer that went down, and caught the 6 color and 10 color that were on that side of the boat. Kind of a big mess but we had the skunk off the boat. Waves were 1 to 2 when we left the pier and 2 to 4 coming in . Water is still 44 degrees at 55' down. We really struggled with the cottonwood seed today, hope that is done soon. Our speed varied with the waves but 2.5 at the ball seemed the best.

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